Cad Bane

Another birthday weekend as well as family reunion and mother’s day… whew, I need another weekend!!  I can see why children can get addicted to these cute characters… I kinda like them too!!  Came home to a garden that looked like it had grown a foot and some very hungry mosquitoes!!  Tomorrow’s forecast seems to have the makings of a storm… time will tell.

~ by kcjewel on May 8, 2011.

5 Responses to “Cad Bane”

  1. Maybe your garden will attract all of our mosquitos this year. If so, you can keep them, no charge.

  2. If only they had Lego sets like these when I was a kid! I loved playing with Legos, but all we had were the PLAIN blocks, and they came in mesh bags, not boxes.
    (And yeah, you can have our mosquitoes, too!)

  3. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s day weekend.

  4. My grandsons are getting older, so I don’t get to see the fun toys anymore. That one is cute.

    I will be glad when my garden takes off, although it is pretty good looking for the weather we have had the spring.

  5. Terry… my garden does attract them and so do I. My neighbor can sit across the table from me and no bites, but me… head to toe welts.

    Michaela… my nephews are like “will you help us put this together?” well, ok if i must. ;)

    Bobby… it was an absolutely beautiful weekend here. one of a few that have actually been warm.

    Sandy… glad to hear your garden is finally taking off. i’m coming over to see your latest pics!

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