… or short for tree peonies, are the first of the peonies to bloom at jewel.  I have several, but this yellow is my favorite or at least my favorite that has bloomed so far.  Which means my favorite could change tomorrow!  I also have a herbaceous yellow peony, but it will bloom much later.  Thank goodness they are cold hardy because it has been 35 and 33 respectively the last two nights.  That saying that you don’t plant tender plants until after the first full weekend in May definitely holds true this year.   Hopefully that is the last of the cold nights.  On a side note the cold has not stifled the mosquitos as I was bitten twice tonight.  Gardening is not as much fun for me after they arrive.


~ by kcjewel on May 3, 2011.

5 Responses to “TP’s”

  1. Peonies and skeeters amazing: our jonquils haven’t all bloomed yet! (The skeeters aren’t a bonus.)

  2. ooooh, I am envious! I have many tree peonies (and herbaceous peonies) in my garden and at some point, want to have a true yellow one in both kinds (I have ‘Kinkaku’ tree peony which is sort of a peachy yellow).

    Do you know which variety you have? Does it have a scent?

  3. I don’t know anything about tree peonies, but I just looked them up. They are really pretty. I like that soft shade of yellow.

  4. montucky… i’m glad u r finally having some spring!!! i’ll try to keep all of the skeeters here (not really) : )

    milkay… i don’t remember the tree peony name. my herbaceous one is garden treasure. it does smell like a peony and i love that scent! i just looked up kinkaku… very pretty.

    sandy… you need one (or two or three or four) : )

  5. I love peonies, and used to have pink ones when I lived in Indiana. The yellow is beautiful.

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