One Man Band

The Country Club Plaza is a mecca for busking on the weekends.  This was Mike… that’s all I know except he was a very eccentric one man band and a good one at that.  Note the wire holding the kazoo (yes, kazoo), the banjo strap and oh, if in case you didn’t know that was a banjo… he painted it on there B A N J O!  :-)

Of course, one man bands include percussion.  It was a one of a kind “drum” I’m certain and no doubt a definite one of a kind foot tambourine!!!

Here is a closer shot of the tambourine… yes, those are bells, bottle caps and a hunk of a conventional tambourine.

I can assure you that he made more today than I make in a day and he’s having a whole lot more fun doing it!!!  I will go back looking for his entertainment another day… it was definitely a pleasant listen!  There were very few people who walked past without stopping.  I think we should give his band a name… any ideas?  If there is a good suggestion I’ll put it in his hat the next time I see him… I’m sure he would appreciate that, don’t you?  LOL

Oh, I almost forgot… this is a gardening blog… there wasn’t any gardening today because it was muddy, chilly and windy again! My first iris did bloom today though.  The rain should take care of those blooms tonight. :(

Note:  I think I just found Mike on MySpace and a video on YouTube from 4/11.

~ by kcjewel on April 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “One Man Band”

  1. Really cool! He’s paying attention to all the important stuff! I’d like to hear him.

  2. Terry… I took a video so if I can get it uploaded to YouTube i’ll post the link. I have great difficulty uploading these days, but it doesn’t keep me from trying! ;-)

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