Sniff Sniff

I have six lilac bushes and during the years when I planted them I was not keeping good records so I don’t know their names. These two were the second and third to bloom after the white one.  Two are not going to bloom this year and  the one that I haven’t photographed yet is almost black.  It has been so gloomy and windy that I haven’t been able to get a halfway decent shot of it, but hopefully this weekend the weather will cooperate.   I broke down and turned the heat on tonight… it was 52 degrees in here when I got home from work.  I sure hope we have a few weeks of spring before summer gets here!  Stay warm everyone… I think it is pretty much the same all around!

I completely forgot that I have Dwarf Korean Lilac too… it’s not blooming yet and they are pretty stinky.  I’ll never forget the year I moved to jewel and was anxious for them to bloom… boy was I disappointed after sticking my nose into one of the blooms!

~ by kcjewel on April 20, 2011.

8 Responses to “Sniff Sniff”

  1. Those are so pretty! I wonder why they are so advanced there: you have had a lot of cold weather too. We finally got up to 50 today too after a night temperature of 24.

  2. Thanks Terry… we had about a week of 80 degrees and a two 90 degree days, then some rain… that really sent everything into an early growth spurt. Since then it has barely been above 60.

  3. We haven’t even hit 60 yet. After reading about the Texas fires though, I’m more than happy with our cold, wet weather. August will come soon enough.

  4. Maybe you need to go down there and show them how to put those things out! I predict a weekend of 60 degree weather for ya!! ;)

  5. I wish I could help down there. If it were closer, we might have been able to send an engine and crew, but we still have this area to take care of. That’s one of the really hard things to think about!

  6. your photos really show the beauty of every blossom and petal. so pretty you can almost smell them. i appreciate that because none of ours are bloomed. the hyacynths barely showed this year and i planted them because i love their scent. thanks for posting these

  7. You described our weather perfectly. Cold, wet, and windy most of this week. My new pansies are hiding under the porch.

    Your yard must be stunning when things are all blooming.

  8. I love the color of your lilacs….. too bad they don’t make scratch ‘n sniff monitors, I’d be smelling the lilacs all day long ;-)

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