Time for Some Color!

I could never really have an all white garden.  This pink dogwood, for starters, could never be absent.  Even though the color looks absolutely terrible with the red buds… mother nature does not discriminate!

Be it ever so subtle… this viola is one of my favorites.  I don’t know that this would even classify as color, but it’s definitely not white!

There’s a tad more color here, but not much…

and here… it’s white, but the color is in the pot… the “happy pot” as I call it.  It’s contents will change as the summer progresses, but it will always hold something that is vibrant and “happy”.

It was a beautiful day to have to be inside working, but I’m thankful to have a job so I won’t wish that I was able to be home every day to sit in the garden.  Full moon tonight and more storms are forecast so we will see what the morning brings… no hail please.

~ by kcjewel on April 18, 2011.

6 Responses to “Time for Some Color!”

  1. Simple is glamourous, so say simple pansies. I am one who loves pink dogwoods and redbuds … so think your posting is grand!

  2. Each is beautiful in its own right! Very pretty selection! I can’t get over how far along your flowers are compared to the ones here. We are in another period of unseasonably cold weather.

  3. thank you for posting these beautiful flowers. so perfect. wishing you and your garden a beautiful and safe summer to enjoy.

  4. The white dogwood is nice, but the pink is beautiful. All your colors are pretty. Maybe one white section of a garden, but I agree with you. Color has to be there somewhere.

    I bought pansies today to put in a cobalt blue pot. I chose that color between orange and gold.

  5. LOVE that pink dogwood!

  6. You have a lovely garden! We were supposed to have a pink dogwood but the landscaper at the time took it upon himself to plant a white one….grrrr… I still like it but it is probably the reason I plant so many other PINK plants! :-)

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