This Bud’s

… a White Bud.  (Yep, another photo in yesterday’s wind storm.) I’ve got lots of white going on in the garden right now.  At times I think I want a completely white garden with only blue, but then I look at my side yard with 2 magnolias, 2 red dogwoods, numerous red buds and a flowering quince and I think how boring it would be without all of those beautiful shades of pink.  They will be staying!

No gardening or photography today, but it was a crisp 55ish day with blue sky… can’t complain about that!  Great day to get out of the city and go to a garden antique show in Greenwood.  I didn’t do too much damage, but I could have purchased a beautiful “Heartsease” book instead of buying a chunk of that darn stop sign a week ago!  I stopped enough to know that there was not a car in sight… I didn’t even see you officer.  LOL  Oh well… such is life.


~ by kcjewel on April 16, 2011.

4 Responses to “This Bud’s”

  1. Sure is good to see the flowers again, isn’t it! Maybe you could have given the officer a bouquet!

  2. We have plenty of redbuds in our yard, but I’ve never even heard of a whitebud before! This looks so much prettier than a redbud (and photographs better, too!!)

  3. Wow, this is new to me, too. It is pretty. Does it have the same growing habit as the redbud?

  4. montucky… i’ll save my bouquets for friends! i’m sure that he made a lot of money for the municipality that day… he was hiding and in very much of a hurry to get back to his hiding spot.

    michaela… the blooms are a bit larger and the bark a bit darker so that does make for a better “subject”. tx

    sandy… yes exactly the same growing habit.

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