Bringin’ some Heat

It has been a great weekend except for the weather, which has been in the low 30’s (with a few snowflakes) since Friday.  Kicking it off was the first concert of 2011… that is unheard of… what in the world have I been doing??!!!

Casey James cannot only sing and play a mean guitar… he can heat up the billiard room as well.  Such a regular guy, playing pool like no one was watching and all eyes were on HIM!!  Well maybe not ALL, but I did see a few fellas looking.  I’m sure they were admiring his game!  ;)

I think this is my favorite song of Casey’s… hard to decide since they are all so AWESOME, but this old school honky tonk blues tune really brings back some memories… good ones!!

If you liked you some Casey James, his entire set is in the process of uploading to my YouTube channel.  Long Tall Texan and Liza Jane are covers, of course, and good ones I might add!!

The bracelet (bookmark to me because I want to keep it) was in my Christmas card from Inta in Latvia, another Casey James fan. The internet is a beautiful thing… she is enjoying my videos right now and I’m pretty sure she should be sleeping.  :)

I’ll share the rest of my fun weekend in a day or so… to be continued…

P.S.  This post might hold the record for exclamation marks!!!

Notes: Video taken with G9, photo taken with Fujifilm FinePix JZ300.  The JZ300 took a much better flash off picture that night than the G9… noisy, but at least the subject is visible which was not happenin’ with the G9!  Is there a perfect camera for concerts… keeping in mind that most places won’t allow a DSLR?

~ by kcjewel on March 27, 2011.

6 Responses to “Bringin’ some Heat”

  1. Wow, wow, wow !!! What a great start of the day !!!
    This will make my entire time !!! Thanks to my dear friend Dana! :-)

  2. […]  Photos and Videos of Casey at Whiskey Tango, courtesy of  KCJewel.  Check out her blog, here:   […]

  3. Can not stop “viewing” the first photo, very cool or should I say hot!

  4. Always good to hear a ripping guitarist…

  5. THANK YOU so much for all of it… love it…

  6. thank you so much. that is a beautiful shot of Casey..great lighting great everything. and thanks for posting the video. can’t get enough of the casey videos. love to close my eyes and listen to him play. he makes my heart smile..all the time:)!

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