Snow or Snowdrops?

My vote… snowdrops.  No photos again tonight.  Seriously this wind is insane!

This photo was taken last weekend and is the last of the snowdrops to bloom unless the ones that are not showing any buds yet suddenly have a growth spurt.  However, there won’t be much growing for the next week or so since we are having a cold snap. Hopefully it is cloudy enough tonight to save the magnolia blossoms!

~ by kcjewel on March 23, 2011.

7 Responses to “Snow or Snowdrops?”

  1. This shot is absolutely stunning. The composition and the lighting are amazing; I love how the little white flowers seem to glow, and the green touch on the petals is breathtaking. Great combination of nature and photography.

  2. Those are beautiful little blossoms! I also prefer the snowdrops!

  3. Absolutely beautiful…

  4. Oh, this is a pretty shot! We had snow flurries all day, but I did go out in my heavy parka to see if anything was coming up. The Siberian Squill bulbs my friend from New York sent me are through the ground. Very fitting for today.

  5. I took pictures of these last wqeekend, too! Got it scheduled sometime in the next few days. Found them at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, and the sign next to them said that they are called “Summer Snowflake”. I’ve always known them as snowdrops, though. Either way, they’re soo pretty!

  6. I NEED to plant snowdrop bulbs this fall! So pretty and so delicate. We were supposed to get a huge ice storm yesterday, but thankfully only got a few rain drops and a light dusting of snow. I’ll take snowdrops any day over that.

  7. I remember these from my childhood springtimes in New York. They were some of my favorites, and you have captured them beautifully. Sorry about the bitter winds.

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