Weather… yesterday & today

This photograph of the frozen witch hazel was taken yesterday.  The orange tentacles are free of ice and snow today and the snow is melting fast from the ground as well. Looks like, after Monday, we have a week of over 50… sure hope so.  :)

The photo below was taken from a parking garage on The Plaza this afternoon at 4PM. WOW… it was dark, foggy, pouring rain and about 3 minutes after I left the parking garage it was hailing.  Talk about a little bit of everything… it was fun!!!  The new little p&s does all kinds of wrong… I will label it as taking photos having “personality”.  I didn’t do a vignette on the one below… it has something going on around the edges, and loads of noise, that almost make it look like a polaroid.

~ by kcjewel on February 27, 2011.

5 Responses to “Weather… yesterday & today”

  1. Cool shot! I had no idea that this is what witch hazel looks like.

  2. That’s a really pretty shot of the witch hazel. It’s a pretty plant!

    I like the springtime weather changes too. (I can say that now that the arctic air has retreated again.)

  3. I like both the photos. The witch hazel is really pretty. I’ve never seem pink/orarnge witch hazel before.

  4. Your witch hazel looks so different from what we have here in the wild. The flowers are much smaller and yellow. I like that shot a lot.

  5. Nice shots. I particularly like the Witch Hazel ones…

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