How Much Snow?

As it appears, about half a bushel.  First there was a bit of ice, then came the snow.  It was very clingy snow that hugged to every branch and blade of grass.  It was like a winter wonderland this morning.  Now tomorrow is a different story, I believe it is to be almost 60.  What a ride this winter has been.


~ by kcjewel on February 25, 2011.

7 Responses to “How Much Snow?”

  1. A real roller-coaster! Your new little P&S did a very nice job on these photos!

  2. don’t look too close ;)

  3. I love the third photo down. How much snow…I’d say too much–at least around here! :)

  4. BEAUTIFUL!! All we got here were chilly temps and rain.
    I’m sure your snow will all be gone by today. Best kind, right? ;-)

  5. Third photo looks like a heart! We got a little bit of this overnight after a day of pouring rain. By the time morning came, it was gone from all the trees and shrubs. You captured some lovely images!

  6. Pretty shots! It looks like the sticky kind of snow we had yesterday. Must be the warm temps.

  7. Wow! At least your cold is beautiful!! We had a high here of 44 degrees today, but it was sunny out and not a drop of rain after about 3 a.m. I had to laugh at your “bushel” of snow. :) You always make me want to visit Kansas City, even though I would pick a warmer time of year!

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