In a Fog

It seems like everything is in a fog these days.  This shot, taken on my way to work today, isn’t really indicative of how foggy it actually was.  We’ve had several very warm days and nights thus the fog early this morning.  Work has been so insane for the past months my head feels every bit as foggy as the scene this morning.  Do you ever go through a traffic light and then think to yourself… I sure hope that light was on green?  Quick… someone take away the keys!!

There are a couple crocus poking their little selves through a tiny bit of snow that remains, but a couple is all.

Eleven years ago, when I moved here, there were crocus blooming all over the yard during this week.  The witch hazel should be blooming very soon.  That is always the first sign of spring at Jewel.


~ by kcjewel on February 16, 2011.

5 Responses to “In a Fog”

  1. I really like the shot in the fog! Your crocus are precocious! Our crocus haven’t even begun to awake yet and if they did they would be slapped down again by the snow coming up. They usually bloom here in the second or third week of March.

  2. Love the fog…you should have seen it at 1 am.

  3. That fog picture is really cool!

  4. I am hoping we have fog tomorrow with the predicted rain. 50º here today!

    That fog shot it stunning. What atmosphere!

    The crocus leaves look nice in the snow.

  5. I like your fog shot very much.
    The light from the street lamps is so good.
    The exposure is just right!

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