Happy Heart’s Day

I’m not big on this holiday, but this year things just fell together to make a great Valentine’s Day weekend.  For someone who doesn’t really observe the “day”… it’s a stretch that it just turned into a hearts “weekend”!

There is still some snow left on the ground, but the last two days in the 50’s have really melted a lot of it.  Only a nut case (or two or three) would sit in the yard, with snow on the ground, in February and drink a bottle of chocolate beer.  If the shoe fits, right?… and it was delightful!!  Tonight I was fortunate enough to have one final glass of this special treat at Swagger.  Maybe Boulevard will decide to make this an annual brew??!!

The past weekend started with an art show in Liberty, MO, and a fun purchase from artists. Madeline and Diane Tompkins and yes the savage bitch is sitting here eating all of those chocolate covered corn flakes from Panache Chocolatier!  Dark chocolate is nutritional right?  My Expressions bracelet received some added bling this weekend too!!

I hope everyone is having a “soothing” Valentine’s Day!!!



~ by kcjewel on February 14, 2011.

8 Responses to “Happy Heart’s Day”

  1. That chocolate ale looks so good tonight!

  2. i really wanted another glass, but they wouldn’t let me have it to go. LOL

  3. Chocolate ale…wicked way to observe the day!

  4. An unusual day indeed! How fun!

    Chocolate-covered cornflakes….sounds divine!

  5. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. I’m a beer nut myself.

  6. Sounds like you had a really nice Valentine’s Day :-)

  7. Nah, I understand how good 50 feels after your last couple of storms. I do like the way you set up your photos.

  8. my023… it sure was! i sure am glad that guy of yours doesn’t drink! ; )
    milkayphoto… they are and you can mail order them from panache chocolatier. their speciality is really chocolate popcorn, but i like the cornflakes better. now if i can just get them to do some chocolate covered potato chips! : )
    bobby… you should try some boulevards if you haven’t already. if you can get your hands on any of the smokestack series they are pretty incredible.
    michaela… it looks like you did too. that necklace is perfect!
    sandy… thanks :)

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