For the Birds

… the weather that is.  We received another couple of inches of snow last night… it is just lovely (sarcasm). They tell us that it will be mid-50’s this weekend.  I can hardly wait!!  If the birds are getting tired of the safflower seed maybe this weekend they will be able to be scavengers again.

~ by kcjewel on February 9, 2011.

7 Responses to “For the Birds”

  1. Those mid 50’s might be a little wet, won’t they? Looks like that Chickadee is pretty happy with the situation.

  2. I’m a sucker for anything bird-related! SUCH an adorable birdhouse! Looks like a ski chalet buried in the snow – I bet it gets LOTS of use! I know our houses scattered throughout the landscape are getting used. It makes me feel good to know the birds have a safe place to go to get out of the storm.

    You caught that chickadee with a seed in its beak – fantastic! :-)

  3. Love the birdhouse, so pretty! That bird is adorable, too.
    I’ll tade your snow for our 60’s this week-end! I think we’re even supposed to hit 70 on Sunday!

  4. Lovely pics. We had snow last night and I’m by the water (In Virginia)…

  5. Today, while lunching with friends up the coast, one of them was telling me that her garden fence with birdhouses is just like this. She is supposed to be sending me a shot. IF she does, I will post it.

    You guys are really having it bad down there. I hope this is the the end of it.

  6. You make even the coldest days look beautiful!! That chickadee photo is truly wonderful!! We have been in the 70’s all week here–don’t hate me. I love Queen. What a great version of that song.

  7. We are supposed to get up into the forties this weekend and compared to the temps we have been having that sounds like a heat wave. I love the photo of the bird house have buried in the snow.

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