This was the view walking back home after taking a stroll to the store this morning in 0 degree weather.  The drive is shoveled, but why?… my car won’t go in this!!  It was a blue sky day though!!

Kansas City, Missouri… where is our snow crew?  :(


~ by kcjewel on February 2, 2011.

5 Responses to “Invigorating!”

  1. A stroll to the store in 0 degree weather? I would be RUNNING as fast as the snow allowed me to run without falling on my … !
    Blue sky snow days are the best. So pretty!

  2. Picture that but with oh, 3 more feet of snow! This weather is insane! I hope to see blue skies one day. I figure it has to end sometime, right?

    YOU need to get a Jeep! My girl would have no issues with that road! :-)

    And yes, I am with Michaela…you are insane strolling in 0 degree weather!

  3. This is what it looked like here after the snow stopped falling this afternoon.

  4. Very pretty day though!

  5. Heard the same thing from my family in Dallas, and in Oklahoma. I wish you warm weather.

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