Rusty and Round

Last weekend at the vintage market this scene caught my attention… I think it was the spools.  Wooden thread spools are just one of many things becoming only a memory… something caught only periodically in a photograph.  Do my nephews even know what these are?  I’ll have to ask them…

~ by kcjewel on January 12, 2011.

9 Responses to “Rusty and Round”

  1. Ah, but wooden spools still exist, if only in the equipment of a fly fisherman who ties his own flies.

  2. I still have one, stored away for safe keeping.
    Color tone of this shot is very nice.

  3. Such an unusual scene…why is there light coming up from that cone-shaped rusted out piece?

    True, we forget how things once “were”. When I was a child, my next door neighbor was a seamstress (she made draperies and cusions and such) and worked out of the basement of her home. The place was filled with all the accoutrements of the business like rolls upon rolls of tapestry fabrics, pillow forms, large foam cushions and hundreds, if not thousandths of spools of thread. I loved that basement as it was the perfect place to build imaginary forts.

    I believe I have one or two wooden spools floating around the house here somewhere and now feel a need to go look for them…

  4. montucky… i had no idea that fly tiers (or do they have a scientific name?) had thread that comes on wooden spools. i learn something new every day. the only fishing spools are those awful huge plastic things that make you think you are getting a ton of line. ; )

    sandy… thanks and hang onto that spool! : )

    milkayphoto… what a fun story. thanks for sharing. i imagine i would have loved that basement too!! yes, find them : )

  5. OH… that cone-shaped rused out piece is a lamp. the over priced sales tag indicated “european” lamp… lol. i’m not fooled by those tags… it looked like something my father would have in his shed and maybe does!!

  6. OK… here’s where I meant for the first comment left a short while ago on your “Sole Sister” post to appear… DUH! (and now I’m going to finish my coffee and see if I cannot accomplish something without making a mistake!)

  7. Whether they do or not … a great capture!

  8. I still have a couple of wooden thread spools (with thread) inherited from my grand mother.

    During WW II, when gasoline wasn’t available, the so called generator gas was used instead and it was made from burning wood in aggregates fitted on the cars (very few), buses and trucks. An old truck driver told me that they once got what was left from making wooden thread spools as fuel. The only problem was that the wood was too dry, but they soon found out that it worked perfect if they poured a bucket of water over it the day before use.

  9. Thank you for the story Staffan. It is so nice to read bits of the lives of others. I bet the water did help. ; )

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