The Brick

The day began…

at the Nelson for a meet and greet with Irma Starr.  While winding through the city, from the Nelson to The Brick, we passed by this abandoned building.  It appears there is a story here.

Lunch at The Brick!  (and the leftover half of this meatloaf sandwich was just as scrumptious today)

Christmas at The Brick

Christmas at the Strawberry Hill Museum (not my style, but can finally say I’ve been there)

and ended…  at The Main Street AMC.

First time at a movie theater where I could eat dinner, have a cocktail, sit in a leather recliner with a side table and watch Burlesque.  It was faaaaaabulous!  Oh, and there was Ghirardelli Chocolate for the road!  As for the road, it was snowy and very, very windy and cold.

The garden got about a quarter inch of snow… it is supposed to be -2 degrees tonight… brrrrrrr.

~ by kcjewel on December 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Brick”

  1. I think I would have enjoyed the lunch and the theater especially. That sounds good! Haven’t been to a dinner theater for nearly 20 years. (Nothing like that here on the frontier!)

  2. Now I know I want to come visit KC! ;p Sounds like a wonderful day and evening, and your lens captures everything beautifully. Lunch looked delicious, and that movie theater sounds amazing! What an interesting abandoned building.

  3. I think the story…dance in the street! Let’s go again!

  4. montucky… the frontier has it’s own set of perks!

    bekaboo… well, it is a fun city. i would wait a few months though!! it’s been barely over 20 during the day this week and down around 0 at night.

    my023… it is such a blast sightseeing in our own city. well, my city… yours isn’t too bad either. : p

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