Art and Architecture or Art as Architecture or Architecture as Art?

One would assume that after a morning at the museum the blog would be about the art inside the museum, not about the museum itself… not the case today.  Although there is some pretty incredible art in the museum… say, Clare Twomey’s “Forever” which was the reason for today’s visit.

Inside the Bloch Building at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, architect Steven Holl.  The photographs, of the building at his website, are absolutely beautiful.  Check out his notes on the architects rendering… love the facade inscription, “The SOUL has Greater need of The IDEAL Than for the REAL”.

Outside looking up at one of the five lenses.

This addition to the museum is underground with all of the above ground glass providing much of the lighting for the galleries contained within.

Details of the architecture can be found many places, one is the World Buildings Directory.  Also, details on the manufacturing of the glass for the building can be found at Bendheim Wall Systems.

Even the underground parking garage is a work of art.

~ by kcjewel on November 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Art and Architecture or Art as Architecture or Architecture as Art?”

  1. I would be taking these shots, too. The color and shapes are very appealing, and don’t you think that must be planned?

  2. Truly lovely shots! The colors and shapes are indeed inspired. I find those hues to be very restful. Other colors may bring out my imagination or get ideas flowing, but the blue sky and cool tones of the stone walls are so calming. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I have been underground a bit lately. I use an ancient digital Rebel XT, but don’t have your photographic know-how.

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