A Year Later

… and just as good as ever!  Well, almost a year later… first Zac Brown Band concert was 11/19/2009.  Thanks to this blog it was very easy to recall the date.  Certainly can’t rely on memory!  ; )

Zac playing with the Oliver half of The Wood Brothers (I wonder what’s up with the drummer?!).  If you go to a ZBB concert late you really miss out because he joins every opening act for at least one number and it’s always a treat.  In turn, all of the musicians join him at some point of his set as well.

Casey Driessen… yes, that is a devil’s tail!

Casey told a fun story about how he, his bass player and drummer always visit a thrift store in the town they are performing in to buy a new/used tie.  Love that!!

Mac McAnally and Casey Driessen

If you’re a Parrot Head you are certainly familiar with Mac!

The set list went something like this… (not exactly, the Mac song is not listed and there was that Kansas City song in there somewhere, but close)
As She’s Walking Away
Where the Boat Leaves From/One Love
Whiskey’s Gone
I Play the Road
Whatever It Is
Who Knows (Casey Driessen & Jerry Douglas)
Colder Weather
Settle Me Down
Sic ‘em on a Chicken
Knee Deep
Cold Hearted
Find the Cost of Freedom/The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Casey Driessen)
Highway 20 Ride
Shoefly Pie
It’s Not OK
Keep Me in Mind
Quiet Your Mind
Isn’t She Lovely/Neon
America the Beautiful
Chicken Fried
I Shall Be Released
Working on a Building (Jerry Douglas)
Georgia on My Mind (Oliver Wood)/Into the Mystic

so the band takes a well deserved seat after about 2 hours of non-stop pure musicanship.

Love, Peace and Chicken Grease!! – Zac Brown

~ by kcjewel on November 8, 2010.

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