Stress free…

… well almost.  :)

Every year I face the feat of making my nephews Halloween costumes.  This year’s choice (theirs) was quite a challenge and almost got the best of me… and that’s an understatement!  Big bro is a little bit old (IMO) to go trick or treating, but he “needs to go” to keep an eye on little bro and “they are always a pair”!  Truthfully, I’m glad he still enjoys the tradition.  Even though I was stressed I enjoy the tradition too.  :)

Many efforts were made to get them to a better background, but they really didn’t want their picture taken so this is as good as it got.  DONE… until next year.  I dropped a few hints… scarecrow, clown, football player, etc.  haha

~ by kcjewel on October 24, 2010.

7 Responses to “Stress free…”

  1. You MADE those costumes?! WOW, I’m impressed! They really came out great!
    I’m lucky that my kids have been happy with store bought costumes, and even recycle them by wearing them the next year, too. Actually, my little one has been Minnie Mouse three years in a row (same costume). She wanted to wear it again this year, but it finally got too small. My older daughter didn’t get a costume this year, so I’m guessing she either won’t dress up (she’s 14) or be last year’s vampire. We shall see. I tried to talk her into getting a blond wig and going as a dumb blond, but she wouldn’t go for it….. but there’s still time ;-)

  2. Perfect…so happy they’re ready!

  3. Thank you… I can’t take credit for the masks or the weapons Michaela, but everything else was a throw together from the thrift store, use of the greatest invention ever… a hot glue gun… and Grandma’s steady painting hand. I painted the mask white and she did all of the blue. The little one’s costume was missing the finishing touch… the neck piece, but I forgot to put it on him and I didn’t dare ask him to redress or I would have never gotten it off of him. He would have slept in it if allowed… haha.

    I think a dumb blonde sounds like a terrific idea! We’ve recycled some as well… in fact I made a great Jack Sparrow outfit about 5 years ago and if their father has kept it “should” fit the little one next year. Thanks for the reminder!!! ; )

  4. my023 ME TOO!!! BOOyah!!

  5. Those costumes are really cool! They are very lucky nephews!

  6. I’m impressed. I bet those boys love their aunt!

  7. Wow!
    I’ll not forget the year my boys came home from school to tell me that were ‘a turkey’ and a ‘mince pie’ in the school play and they needed costumes by Friday!

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