Going Somewhere?

Have you ever had a Sunday night when you wanted to grab a suitcase and go away… far, far away from everything reasonable and responsible and maybe never come back?

~ by kcjewel on October 17, 2010.

8 Responses to “Going Somewhere?”

  1. That only describes (nearly) every Sunday for me!!

  2. well…yes. But my collection of suitcases is considerably smaller.

  3. I recognize three of these from when I was small. I wonder what my mom did with them?
    Photos like this are neat because the bring back so many memories. Where did you shoot this?

  4. burstmode a man never needs as many suitcases as we women do ; )

    sandy, it was taken at a “european” antique market here in kansas city called “bottom’s up”. glad to stir a memory with a photograph!

  5. Yep…. almost every Sunday night… and several other days of the week, too! A permanent vacation would be nice!

  6. If the could, I bet those suitcases would have some stories to tell!

  7. Burstmodes comment is in line with what I could say.
    I like the picture.

  8. Many, many times. Five years ago I bought a house in a small village and I use it in my spare time to charge my batteries. Believe me when I say that going back to Stockholm is a very traumatic experience.

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