Banana Seat

Earlier today I felt a bit like this… like I had ridden all over the neighborhood with a banana seat shoved up my rear… LOL.  Nothing that a bowl of cheeseburger soup and some Leinenkugel’s® Oktoberfest won’t cure.  Yep, it did the trick!!  :)

Who had a bike with a banana seat?  Me!!  but I never had a Peewee doll!!

~ by kcjewel on October 11, 2010.

5 Responses to “Banana Seat”

  1. LOL…no words can describe this!

  2. Actually that pretty much sums up how I felt today. Have the house to myself for a few hours now, so that is making me feel better.

  3. That soup sounds very interesting. Is there a recipe?

  4. Thanks for the comments my023, kateri and sandi. The soup comes from a restaurant in KC called The Well. I’ve tried everything short of begging for the recipe. It is a cheese soup with cubed potatoes, shaved carrots and ground beef. Spices are strange… there might be a bit of curry in it. I think I just need to keep eating it until I figure it out. It only worked for a few hours though… I’m feeling worse today. Maybe I should stick to chicken noodle for a while!!

  5. A beautiful shot indeed!

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