The trip to the fest was a bit stressful so what better way to relax than take some time to look out over the Missouri River from the bluffs at Weston.

Finally arrived at the Applefest and this was the only apple in sight.  They said there was cider and dumplings and apple butter being made??

Then, just in case there was any remains of stress…

Drop Kick Ale was very tasty, but the Hot Pepper Ale was, well… toooooo hot!!  Maybe it would be delicious paired with the right food.  I doubt I will be trying it again to find out.


~ by kcjewel on October 2, 2010.

8 Responses to “Applefest”

  1. Sounds a lot like the peach festival we went to years and years ago… not a peach in sight!

  2. Hot Pepper Ale? So, I really think you need to do a little more description of the tastes…I want to know!!!

    I enjoyed some Koenig Ludwig in Coral Gables…I love that stuff and can only find it on draft there.

  3. Michaela, could it be purely gimmick to get us there?!! Whatever it is I guess it worked. There were definitely more pumpkins and gourds there than apples. They could have called it a pumpkinfest. : )

    Michael, it’s a local brew, Weston Brewing Company & O’Malley’s Pub. If you want me to elaborate on it’s hopiness, maltiness, it’s royal aleness (I like to make up words.. haha), and such I’m no good at that. I just know what I like. : ) The best way to describe it is… it was like drinking jalapeno juice out of the jar. I will also refrain from elaboration on how I know what jalapeno juice tastes like out of the jar!!!

  4. That is a good apple shot. It made me hungry! Were you late, or did the festival folks miscalculate?

  5. Thanks Sandy… it looks a bit Christmasy to me, but I thought I had better take the shot since I saw no other apples. I just didn’t find the right spots I guess. It’s a pretty small town but It’s always good to know your way around I’ve found. There was an informatin booth, but I didn’t stop to ask directions… lol.

  6. I take it the apple is on a wreath? It looks like it would be a very pretty christmas wreath…Hot pepper ale doesn’t sound appealing to me at all!

  7. Hi Kateri, more of a swag and I agree… better for Christmas than fall! I would not recommend the HPA unless you fancy beer with jalapeno juice added. : p

  8. Beautiful photos. Just gorgeous. Hot pepper ale? Hmmmm…..I’m not so sure about that. – Kathy

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