It was the most fabulous 4th of July EVER!  …even in the pouring rain.  Yes, glad I have a day to recover!! *smiles*

First there was Steve Winwood!

Then there was Carlos Santana!!!


There were fireworks too and they were awesome over the top of Starlight Theatre, but I have never been able to take a good photograph of fireworks.  That’s one I gave up on years ago!!

~ by kcjewel on July 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “Recovery”

  1. Oh! I would like to see and hear these two musicians. They are among my favourites.
    Steve Winwood played in our area recently – and I missed it! I was on the spot when Carlos Santana played in Copenhagen….
    Thanks for the images. They are really good.

  2. Thanks Carsten… i have some videos on youtube from last night –

    Unfortunately I only shot one of Carlos before I had to Ziploc the camera. It didn’t stop raining for 2 hours, but the spirits were not dampened!! : )

  3. I must say that I find your music shots very good and interesting. This is something I seldom do so I enjoy others work instead.

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