Cyclamen and more…

The Adolphus Hotel never disappoints with their lobby florals.  This cyclamen was part of the display below where there were hundreds of photos.  I just didn’t have time for a thousand photos in that one place and yes, I need a tripod in light that low, but didn’t and probably won’t next time either.  I’ll never be a “real photographer”… at least until I can afford a caddy.  *smiles*

Yes, I do still have a garden, but this spring has not yet been conducive to much productive gardening.  It is pouring rain today, which is good because when I returned from Dallas it was very dry and things weren’t growing much… I think the hostas grew 3 inches today!  Maybe this weekend I’ll be able to make some headway and maybe even take some photographs at Jewel.

~ by kcjewel on April 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “Cyclamen and more…”

  1. The first photo is really nice! I like that!

    Maybe if one of us gets really rich we could share a caddy. I seldom carry a tripod either and on the rare occasions when I do I don’t use it: when I don’t carry one, I need it.

  2. what thuh…I was at the Adolphus Monday and Tuesday of this week. It is where I stay in Dallas. I have a lot of photos from there and yes, I tend to carry a larger kit when I go.

  3. montucky… glad to know i’m not the only one. years ago i carried one… back in the AE-1 days, but not any more. yes, a young fellow from MO won the powerball wednesday… something on the order of 272M. that could have been me if i played and then i would have a driver (as in car) and a caddy. LOL

    burstmode… well shucks it would have been nice to meet you. i walked around monday morning, ate lunch at sol irlandes, checked out of the hotel at 3 and found my way back home… it was a pretty laid back day after a fun filled weekend. it seems to be a pretty popular hotel for photographers… there was a bride in the foyer almost constantly through the weekend. i love the crab cake in the bistro and petra is my favorite waitress… a real sweetheart. (i should have taken her picture) i <3 dallas!

  4. You did great for low light. Is that hotel in Dallas? Old, isn’t it, and very beautiful.

    Hope you get to grub in the garden this weekend.

  5. thanks sandy, but a tad blurry. i’m ok with a little blur though… adds some character ; ) parts of it are almost a hundred years old… there are some additions that have been made. if you are ever in dallas it is definitely the place to stay. of course there may be others too, but i’ll never know. *smiles*

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