Photo Editing

My mother is redecorating and she wants some black and white flower photographs.  Was wondering if anyone has any tips… convert to B&W after shooting or set the camera to B&W?  Only have iPhoto and very limited knowledge because I don’t enjoy the editing process.  I think this may be as good as it gets.  The black looks a little “green” to me.  I need training.  : )

Ok I just have to post the color version.  Why would anyone want black and white photos when there is color?  This Virginia Bluebell plant was dug from a farm not far from my parent’s house (where there are now “NO TRESSPASSING” signs).  This time of year it is a carpet of blue in the woods… sometimes I miss the farm, but not often.  *smiles*

~ by kcjewel on April 12, 2010.

8 Responses to “Photo Editing”

  1. It is lovely. iPhoto has enough. You want to boost the contrast and the light. Go into effects and convert then play with the adjustment sliders. IPhoto is a nice program.

  2. tx burstmode… i shot this in color then converted. i need to see if shooting in black and white makes a difference. i think i need something more than iPhoto if i want to edit my raw file right? i don’t know why i shoot in raw since i don’t edit. wait, i can answer that… because i don’t know what i’m doing. LOL

  3. I prefer to shoot in color even if I know an image is going to be converted. I look mostly for contrasts between light and dark.

    As you know, I love Lightroom but I use iPhoto from time to time. I tried Aperture and Nikon’s NX2 software but nothing beat Lightroom.

    RAW gives you a larger file with greater editing abilities. I love the editing of photos. It broadens tremendously my creativity.

  4. tx again… i’m becoming more and more curious about editing. it have a feeling it won’t be long, but gosh as long as I spent on this one just making it b&w i can’t imagine when i would sleep. : )

    yes, these raw files fill up my computer FAST!

    are the blue bonnets blooming this time of year?

  5. That turned into a great B & W! I’ve tried a few too, but I’m usually surprised at what I get. Yours is very nice.

  6. thank you… it’s a work in progress. i prefer not messing with them!!

  7. I’ve loooong heard that it’s better to shoot in color and then adjust in post processing. But I have too little experience in post and not much time either. So I shoot in B/W.

  8. i appreciate your comment nikki… now going to your digs to check out the latest!! : )

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