Planting Time

Did I sleep through spring?  It was almost 80 degrees today and the same is in the forecast for the next two days, then rain on the weekend… maybe that will put a little “spring” in the air.  LOVE the warm weather, but the daffodils nearly baked today. Picked a nice little bouquet and they perked right up after coming inside.  Gardening has finally begun.  The pot above is one of two planted this weekend… not much, but a start!  Feels good…

~ by kcjewel on March 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “Planting Time”

  1. And a pretty start, too! I just noticed a few Johnny Jump-ups blooming in a flower bed yesterday but we’re expecting a light snowfall tonight.

  2. And we have the reverse. Its been cold and rainy here (actually some wet snow flakes mixed in on the way home from work yesterday) but never fear! The temps will be around 80 and the skies sunny on Friday and Saturday.

    I like the looks of the pot of flowers but my personal opinion is that you should get lower (down to the flowers’ level( next time. Just my two cents.

  3. My sister from Oklahoma called last evening to see if we were flooded, and while we were on the phone, her husband yelled that it was 82º there. We are not that cold up here, just wet.

    Pretty shot, and isn’t it great to be in the garden?

  4. Those JJUp’s will look great in a light snow!

    edvatza, your two cents… always welcome! that pot is too heavy to lift and the background was nasty. : )

    Tx Sandy… yes low 80’s here today as well. It will be there soon!!

  5. Isn’t it lovely to get some bright color in your world again? 80F may be a bit sudden, but hopefully you’re enjoying the warmth.

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