Almost Gone

A car will always be a car (maybe), a house will always be a house (maybe), a flower will always be a flower (for sure) but, like us as individuals, there are some things that once gone will never exist again… this is one!  At least I don’t foresee that they will ever be manufactured again!

This fun little setup is in my favorite children’s bookstore “The Reading Reptile”.  In addition to books they also sell “funny little men”.  Are “funny little men” worth 10 cents?  LOL

The locally owned business is also nearly something of the past.  It is nice to be able to walk into a store and tell them that I’m looking for books for a five year old boy, who likes nature, and within five minutes have more spread in front of me than I can possibly imagine.  Is the book another item at risk of extinction?  I, for one, will never enjoy a virtual replacement for a book.

There was no outside photography today, but it did warm a bit and the snow melted a lot.  Maybe I can get a little gardening in before the next snow… I’ve surrendered to the fact that spring is really not here yet!


~ by kcjewel on March 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Almost Gone”

  1. The old typewriter is indeed a relic of history now. I do have one stored though. That is some kind of bookstore, however. I hope it will go on forever! There is soul in a place like that and in the books they sell there. I have found none in the virtual replacements.

  2. My mother just got rid of her typewriter when she moved into a retirement home. Our last one before computers was electric, and we it went to Goodwill, too.

    I do wonder if they still make them for the parts of the world without electricity, though.

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