Yesterday, Today…

Yesterday… a beautiful day (almost 70 degrees).  There was even time to snap a few photographs of the garden which is about two weeks later than last year.

Today… the first day of Spring… could have fooled me!!

Tomorrow… who knows?  Probably some March Madness… basketball, not the weather. *smiles*


~ by kcjewel on March 20, 2010.

6 Responses to “Yesterday, Today…”

  1. Oh, that veining is striking! I’ve never seen crocuses that looked quite like these. I don’t suppose there’s any telling when spring will really come for you guys, but hopefully soon!

  2. Those are lovely. Today was chilly and we are supposed to get snow tomorrow. Hopefully all this snow won’t last long!

  3. Those are gorgeous, and the photo in the snow is awesome!

  4. Hopefully, the snow will melt away quickly. That shot of the crocus in the hole is realy neat.

    I heard about the storm in Oklahoma today, is that the same one you had?

  5. I always love your floral photos, but I am especially taken by that setup in the bookstore. How cute and clever!! It really makes me want to go there and explore each drawer full of tiny treasures!

  6. Oops! Obviously commented in the wrong place. :) Crocuses peeking out from the snow always remind me of walking home from school on cold winter days looking for that first hint of spring. Those crocus buds were not only beautiful, they were a wonderful sign of good things to come.

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