Lost Love

The love month and this love affair are about to end.  This soap has been my favorite only soap for three years, which is actually longer than most of my love affairs have ever lasted. Ha!  This is the last bar so the search is on for a new favorite… it’s a very tedious process you see… there are very specific traits that are expected from the perfect soap!  Shame on you Scottish Fine Soaps for not recommending a substitute when I expressed by disappointment when this was discontinued… it’s will be a sad day when the final sliver dissolves on that washcloth.  : (

~ by kcjewel on February 25, 2010.

4 Responses to “Lost Love”

  1. How sad to have something like that just vanish! I hope you find a new one just as nice.

  2. Hello! My name is Michael i am from Scottish Fone Soaps, i am sorry to hear about your dissapointment! Email me at michael.odonnell@scottishfinesoaps.com – and i will talk to you further on this matter :)

  3. I WILL!!! Please tell me you are bringing it back. : )

  4. OMG! I have to email Micahel! Could there be hope for this soap to return? I don’t want to be left with only a great photo of a great product!

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