Birthday Party

Today marks this blog’s first birthday.  My how time flies!  The first blog post was of the witch hazel… so it’s only fitting that the witch hazel take center stage at the birthday party.  Last year warm and sunny with bees working furiously… a year later, the bees are nowhere in site, it’s freezing and there is snow on the ground.  In fact, it began snowing again just as I was taking this photograph.   Even though I would rather have the weather of a year ago, these vivid blossoms look more beautiful on a snowy day!!

It was not only my blogs’ birthday , but my BFFs birthday too… she wanted 60 candles, but for safety’s sake I opted for 2.  *smiles* I know… you will get me back in a few years. Anyway, I sure hope so!!

It has been a fun year meeting everyone in the blogosphere… you have been good critiques, good teachers, good supporters and good friends.  I look forward to another year of photo sharing!!

~ by kcjewel on February 7, 2010.

9 Responses to “Birthday Party”

  1. Happy blog birthday and happy birthday to BFF. :-)
    Wishing you a nice day.

  2. Well! Happy birthday to your blog and your friend! I think two candles were a safe bet :-)

  3. Happy blog birthday. :) I’ve enjoyed your blog and photos very much. That cake looks very yummy!

  4. Happy Birthday to your blog and your friend!
    Both photos are great!

  5. Happy birthday to your friend and your blog! I will look forward to the next year of visiting your blog! Isn’t it interesting how quickly blog-time moves!

  6. The birthday photo is fabulous…just one of many I dream of having on my walls! I have enjoyed each and every picture and story and look forward to many more. Joyful birhday wishes!

  7. Happy blog birthday! I look forward to each blog and I am thankful to have you celebrate my birthdays with me no matter what the number! And no, I won’t get you back…well unless I find somethng pink:)

  8. Jewel,… looking forward to many more years hanging out together here in “blog-land”… :) And yes, that witchhazel looks great with the white snow background. Good shot!

  9. Happy Blog Birthday! That is such a neat photo, as is your header. We have witch hazel here, but nothing as pretty as that.

    I have enjoyed your photos a lot.

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