Deer One

As in… my first deer photograph.  This was the story… driving, stops car, rolls down window, snaps a few shots, deer run for their lives… thank goodness not into traffic.  I’m not one to sit in the woods for hours waiting for a photograph so this is probably as good a deer photograph as you will ever see from me.  : )

~ by kcjewel on January 19, 2010.

3 Responses to “Deer One”

  1. Hey, that’s a great photograph! I will have to try your method!

  2. Wow — you even caught them looking at you and not their tails as they speed away!

  3. Aw come on! There nothing like sitting in the woods on a cold winter morning waiting for the sun to rise and the deer to show. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried that! Until then, not bad from a rolled down car window!

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