The top of my ungreen, green Christmas tree. I thought I would go unconventional this year. The crystals really did shine like lights, but I think next year I will go back to the traditional tree.

The great thing about it is… I’m not sitting here worrying about when and how I’m going to take it down… it will take about 2 minutes to put it away.  YES!

~ by kcjewel on December 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Tree”

  1. I sometimes think about doing that too, but there are so many nice trees near here that need to be thinned out anyway that cutting one does more good than harm. We also have a tradition of going out into the woods and finding one that goes back several decades, even when we lived in Arizona and had to drive over a hundred miles to do it.

  2. Unconventional but very creative! I like it – the tree and the image.

  3. I would miss a real tree terribly, but I think yours is pretty. I’m actually thinking it would make a very pretty early spring decoration with the pale green beads the color of new leaves and the clear ones looking like rain drops. Maybe you don’t have to put it away at all. =)

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