Too Cold

Wimp is my name when it comes to cold weather, so rather than stand outside (although it was 25 degrees today) and try to photograph some of the real birds that are scurring around trying to find some eats in the little bit of ice and snow we had, I opted to take a photo of one of the stationary birds in the garden.  Wow, that was a run on sentence!!  This one was made by Steve Hess of From The Summer’s Garden.  It actually stays out all year with the “Joy” turned around backward.  There’s still quite a bit of green here, the spirea is green in the photo as well as the hellebores and bark is now exfoliating on the oak leaf hydrangeas… love that!!  Random thought… I need to start my Christmas shopping!

~ by kcjewel on December 10, 2009.

6 Responses to “Too Cold”

  1. That’s a festive and colorful scene, in contrast to the usual drabness of a winter day!

  2. joy is my preferred joy :-)

  3. Cold is very hard for me, too. I did not grow up with it and have never been fond of it. So, were I there, I would be doing the exact same bird photo!

  4. It is in the low 20’s with a wind chill foctor of 9 right now. I know what you mean about getting out. That photo came out great. Are they made of stone?

    Isn’t that kind of cold unusual for KC this time of year?

  5. I gotta tell ya, Jewel, I’ve been doing year around outdoor activities (flyfishing, hiking, photography) for a number of years. i don’t recall the cold bothering me like it is this year. And its not even REALLY cold yet. Don’t know what it is.

  6. tx for visiting montucky, carsten, burstmode, sandy and edvatza.

    sandy, it’s difficult to predict the weather and what is “normal” anymore. hence, the reason for me keeping my blog and mentioning the weather a lot… a diary of weather and gardening.

    edvatza, i don’t know where you are located, but here in middle america it seems that our moderate seasons are becoming less moderate. i think we go from hot to cold or cold to hot, whichever it may be, so rapidly that it just seems colder or hotter. we had a beautiful fall, but it was not a cool fall… i wasn’t complaining though!!

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