There could be some skating taking place on secondary roads tonight if it wasn’t so cold! We can definitely use the precipitation, but how about we just wait until it’s warmer than 10 degrees?!

~ by kcjewel on December 9, 2009.

6 Responses to “Blades”

  1. You can skate on streets?

  2. Makes me want to be a skater in “my next life”. And yes, you can skate on streets.

  3. We’re ready for that here, too. Lots of the ponds are ready.

  4. Skating was something we did in the 60-s. I might be incorrect, but I think last winter with safe skating on the lakes was 12 years ago. In Denmark of course.

  5. Those look like beloved skates — are they yours?

  6. Greetings! It looks like there are some questions to answer here… tx everyone for visiting and commenting.

    burstmode, yes, but i never have… tempting though!

    my023, what “next life”… you’re not going anywhere, you have too many things to finish and i’m doing all of them too

    montucky, i bet your ponds are ready. i believe you have been coooold much longer than we have.

    Carsten, I am curious if you mean you skated in Denmark in the 60-s. If that is the case and it has been 12 years, Denmark is definitely a product of global warming. I am anxious to see/hear what comes out of Copenhagen in the next few weeks.

    nikki, no they aren’t mine. i haven’t ice skated in many years… more than i would ever care to admit!!

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