… of the Osage Orange type… whoever thought to use these as decoration was a genius! Great color, great texture and they are versatile from fall through Christmas. Several wire baskets in the yard were given their second bounty this weekend. Since there was no “gathering” on Thanksgiving it was great to find these that had been discarded at Good JuJu. Maybe this weekend they will get a little greenery added to their containers. That is if this 26 degree weather leaves… forecast is for an inch or two of snow tomorrow. Figures… why can’t it snow on a day when I’m working from home??!!


~ by kcjewel on December 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “Apples”

  1. I like the combination of the fruit and the feather. Nice arrangement. Maybe a little snow around the edges would work too! (I’ll take the 26° weather, by the way!)

  2. Very decorative! I have never seen this sort of apples. Are they eatable too? The color would go fine with orange as well as with eagle feathers.

  3. We had these on my parent’s farm in northeastern Oklahoma. They look great as a holiday decoration. So does that sumac below. I am impressed with your wild crafting.

  4. These last two photos were beautiful. I am glad you posted them.

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