Do Not Try This At Home!

Maybe blow some bubbles instead!!  Is it already the 4th… well then, off to have a completely unproductive vacation day.

… which began with the best $1.49 breakfast in town and some thrift store shopping, followed by more shopping downtown including a Michael Franti & John Mayer ticket… Say Hey, Who Says, can’t wait!!! Warmed up with some Cheeseburger Soup and a Slippery Slope Slider at The Well… yummmm.  It is officially winter here… COLD… the forecast was for 50 today, but not sure it ever made it over 30… brrrrr.  BBG, glad ya’ll are the ones sitting at the ice tonight and not me… cheer those Mavericks to a victory, OK?!!


~ by kcjewel on December 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Do Not Try This At Home!”

  1. Because the lights work I hope the plumbing doesn’t! I don’t know if our weather will blow your way but if so, watch out!

  2. Fun shots!

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