It’s hard to believe these little gems are still blooming in a seemingly “warm” spot. It is however, official… first hard freeze last night. Those beautiful boston ferns are now toasted brown fronds of laciness. It was nice to enjoy them a month longer than usual though so no complaining! It is supposed to be 60 degrees again tomorrow so the snap was short-lived. Someone in the neighborhood was watering today, but maybe dormancy should just run its natural course. Full moon in two days, but it is absolutely beautiful tonight!! All-in-all, a very beautiful last day of November!!


~ by kcjewel on November 30, 2009.

7 Responses to “Feverfew”

  1. Very pretty! Hard to realize there are still flowers in bloom: ours are long gone. We’re warm tonight (40), but single digits will return here in a couple days.

  2. Nice comp extending from LL to UR. Color is great. White are controlled. Nicely done.

  3. Great composition. I like how the tops creates a swirling diagonal line through the frame.

  4. Very sweet shot — I love the sunshine and warmth.

  5. My Poetic Path just wrote today about the same thing in B. C. Canada, and this weekend, I saw Queen Anne’s Lace growing at the edge of the ocean. Strange weather!

  6. I like both the flowers and the photo. Some are lucky, the flowers were gone a couple of months ago here. Lucky me there are blogs to visit so I can enjoy them a little longer.

  7. They look just as if they think it is still mid summer. =) It is nice to see a few stray flowers in late November/early December.

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