It’s just too bad he can’t come alive and eat the neighbors cats that come to my yard! (or go to the neighbors house and eat the cat’s owners… not the cat’s fault) The junkos and chickadees are flying from tree to tree scared to death while the jays are screaming at the cats. It would be so nice to feed the little birds, but setting them up for a death sentence would be cruel. There isn’t enough wide open space in my yard for a safe feeding place. *sad face*


~ by kcjewel on November 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Grot”

  1. It’s a shame when pet owners don’t take responsibility for their pets’ behavior and let them roam. That’s just not right! We feed our CHickadees by putting their food up high away from the turkeys and deer, but don’t have the cat problem.

  2. Some people don’t seem to understand that cats are pets and need to be taken care of and that they have a responsibility as owners. Anyway, I like this photo very much – it’s a very elegant capture.

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