Four Openers

First on stage last night was Levi Lowrey, I made him sepia cuz he seems like a sepia kinda guy. *smiles*
Figured just one beer, then I would go, cuz I’ve never been one to go around lookin’ for a fight. So i finished that beer, put my tip on the bar, started makin’ my way out front to the car, thought I’d hit the road and everything would be all right…. WRONG! Levi Lowrey

Next up Sonia Leigh. The Band sang one of her songs toward the end of their set… Bar. So pass that bottle, I’m jumpin’ off this wagon, oh it never seemed to get me very far. You can say what you will, but i’m drinkin’ till i get my fill, so if your lookin’ darlin’, i’ll be at the bar. – Sonia Leigh Sounds like an anthem to me. *smiles*

And then there was Nic Cowan. I cut Nic’s feet off in the pic because his pants were about 3″ too short. In the country I’m thinkin’ they call ’em high water pants. *LOL*  Gotch your mind in the gutter and I know whatch you’re thinkin’. – Nic Cowan

Not really an opening act, but Clay Cook was the most active musician on stage.  There is no doubt that this guy really loves what he’s doing up there.  He and Zac Brown put their twist on the Beatles Blackbird… click here for a little clip.


~ by kcjewel on November 21, 2009.

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  1. Thanks for giving me another look at a great time!

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