Bare Naked Light


Another photo of a bare light bulb and some research is in order. There must be a way to get a sharper edge on the bulb. Suggestions are welcomed!! As long as I’m soliciting suggestions, if anyone has a favorite scanner it would be great to know. The old photographs are begging to be scanned and shared with family.

These lights were hanging from the warehouse ceiling at Good JuJu. It was a Fun First Friday, (FFF) with Bits of Joy at Red Cedar Gardens, The Summer’s Garden of Steve Hess, Good JuJu, a little driving tour of the West Bottoms, Manny’s for margaritas and a burrito, a button run at Helzberg Jewelry, Paper Source, Anthropology, City Union Mission Thrift, DAV Thrift and Goodwill… whew, no wonder I have a back ache, but it was a day worth every ache!! At 5:00 today, the car said the temperature was 76 degrees… another absolutely fabulous November day.


~ by kcjewel on November 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “Bare Naked Light”

  1. Very nice.

  2. Interesting photo. I wish I knew how to set that exposure too.

  3. I think those are very pretty.Enjoy the lovely weather! We had a beautiful warm day here today as well.

  4. A very interesting and artistic photo. The problem with the unsharp edges on the light bulbs will require a little experimenting from your side, but it is basically because the light from them is stronger than the surrounding light (= the light you have adjusted the exposure after) which means that the image is partly overexposed.

    Try using 15 W or 25 W light bulbs and use more and stronger light as main light or background light. It may not iron out all problems one can encounter, but you’ll get them more the way you want them.

    I understand that this basically means that the atmosphere is lost, but don’t give up! Try different light settings and different ways of exposure and you’ll soon get the experience needed to be able to figure out what to do to get it your way next time.

    Good luck!

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