Bit of Blue


There was a short time for a walk through the garden this evening.  Usually a surprise awaits somewhere and this was one of them. The monkshood bloom later than anything else and since the pottery has not been collected from around the garden yet, this little spot of pink and blue reminded me of what is to come… spring!  I’ve always thought that these beauties bloom last as a tease… a bit of a bright spot in all of the fall colors. The weather has been beautiful and it seems that it is going to last through the weekend with some weather in the upper 70’s. I love fall, but also can’t wait for spring… let’s just skip winter ok??!!


~ by kcjewel on November 4, 2009.

5 Responses to “Bit of Blue”

  1. What a beautiful blossom for this time of year! I am also looking forward to spring, but I’d like just one month of winter in the mean time; December, perhaps.

  2. Forget winter. Yes. But I do need it to prepare soil for the Spring so I can have gorgeous flowers like this.

  3. I’m all for skipping winter–or actually, could winter end about January 1st? That is about when I am tired of it and ready for spring flowers! Beautiful flower. There is always that hang on as long they can.

  4. Ok by me. I’m will to skip winter and summer and just go Spring/Fall/Spring/Fall. Its nice to be able to capture little bits of color come November. Most of the color fall foliage is even gone here and we are entering the brown/gray season.

  5. I love fall, but could skip winter. This morning, I was thinking of all the things I want to look up in my seed catalogs when they start coming in December. I accidently threw out my best ones from last year, and have been suffering seed catalog withdrawl.

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