This was the last weekend for succotash at the City Market. They are moving *frown* and it’s my hope that the new place will hold half the charm that this one did (doubt it). On a beautiful day you could sit out on the patio and enjoy watching all of the market goers (above) or inside as viewed from the “tour” (below)

The marketplace entrance

The hostess area *smiles*

Yes that would be the service elevator you had to walk by to enter the “dining room” and yes, it is usually full of boxes of potatoes, onions and flour. Flour to make their “butt sized” pancakes… a single pancake would put even the largest of butts to shame! If you watch the video on Facebook you can see one of them for reals.

If you needed to use the facilities you had to climb this staircase… best not be in a hurry when making the ascent or the decent!!

And… if you didn’t want to eat you could always read or play…

… in the “dining room”. (It is usually packed, but I waited for the majority of the people to leave since sometimes photographs in public places freak people out.)

There are doubts that any of the above will ever be the same, but thank goodness the lima bean hummus will be… It is to die for!!

Leaving for the final time…
succotash will now be at 2601 Holmes… I’ll be there in a few weeks with hopes that the new ambiance will be as good as the hummus and pancakes!!

Someone (don’t remember who) once said that change can be the difference between life and death. If life was the reason, I hope it works because the market just won’t be the same without The Bean.


~ by kcjewel on November 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “succotash”

  1. What a cool place. Looks like it was just comfortable and fun.

  2. Its tough when you have a favorite and it moves or, even worse, closes. I just got word that our favorite lunch spot in Bar Harbor, ME has closed for good. Ouch!

  3. A charming and inviting place. Very interesting to see.

  4. Looks like a fun place to visit AND photograph! Reminds me of a mostly vegetarian restaurant in my town. I doubt they have as many games as succotash, though :-)

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