The Grave


This photograph was taken on a recent visit to a local cemetery. Who believes in ghosts? I do, but I’m not scared of ’em!! *smiles*

~ by kcjewel on October 27, 2009.

8 Responses to “The Grave”

  1. Interesting timing for this one. My post for today is somewhat similar, but in an entirely different venue.

  2. My daughter the artist has a penchant for photographing in cemeteries. Very intriguing image. Appropriate for this time of year.

  3. could you make out the information on the stone? That looks like a very old one, weathered so badly. Nice shot!

  4. Very well done, kcjewel. I like that glow you’ve got in those out of focus areas.

  5. I love the effects that you have on this photo! Gorgeous!

  6. Never enjoyed looking at a grave before! Great feeling..feels like calling me ;)

  7. beautifully done…I love this.

  8. This turned out beautifully. =) L love little old cemeteries. I stopped in one today that I passed on my way to see a patient. The lighting was probably all wrong for photos (bright and sunny), but we’ll see if they turned out. I believe in ghosts too, but think most of them are pretty harmless, hurting souls who need prayers.

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