Bug on a Punkin’


This is another photograph taken at the Kansas City Community Garden last weekend. I don’t know what kind of bug this is, but it certainly was not at all camouflaged on the pumpkin. This guy was running fast and I only got one shot so I’m pleased it turned out as well as it did. Why is it that I can take a picture of a bug but I could NEVER take a picture of a snake?!!

~ by kcjewel on October 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “Bug on a Punkin’”

  1. Looks like a brown stink bug. If threatened, it will emit a nasty odor. (Snakes don’t even do that!)

  2. yep,… I vote for “stink bug” too. I see them once in a while here in the northern part of NY,.. don’t squush them, they will stink horribly.

  3. They are even worse if you accidentally eat them. Used to do that once in while when I was picking raspberries as a child…

  4. I know this as a shield bug. Stink bug is better! x

  5. Actually folks, this is the dreaded squash bug Anasa tristis. It is on pumpkin variety Hercules that we grew in The BEANSTALK Children’s Garden. It was so much fun showing Jewel around the garden. She was a great sport about the snake and her pictures made old dead plants look gorgeous. Now if I could take pictures like that. Oh well… I grow ’em so you all can shoot ’em.

  6. thanks for visiting mary, the buglady… i wanted to post the story behind the spade and the OH MY, but I couldn’t remember. please feel free to post the story if you feel like it… my memory is shot!

    kateri… eeeeeeew

    thanks montucky, cedar and louise for your stories. that is what makes this fun!!

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