There is a spade perched at the gate of the Kansas City Community Garden, Schoolyard Gardens. It’s plaque inscription pretty much sums up my day! Thanks to Mary my visit was not only enjoyable, but informative as well.

LAUGH at the stars

in the sky…

REJOICE with the sound

of the cardinal…

fore it is another



P.S. While concentrating on taking a photograph something crawled across my foot but I couldn’t look.  Then I did and it was a snake… I didn’t scream… I had on sandals… EPIC!!


~ by kcjewel on October 20, 2009.

7 Responses to “Spade”

  1. I like the inscription. Also enjoyed your encounter with the snake. Must have been a friendly little fellow, but good for you, not screaming! Now you are one step close to “snake appreciation”.

  2. I LIKE it.

  3. I have never had any fear of snakes…my first job (for my godfather) was feeding the mice that he fed to his 30-odd snakes.

  4. Love the saying. I probably wouldn’t have screamed, but I would have been freaked out. I don’t mind snakes as long as I see them before I step on them or they slither across me.

  5. Jewel asked me to post the story of the sign. It is part of a fantastic wrought iron gate. One of our ex-board members donated the gate when her father passed away. Unfortunately you don’t get to see the entire gate. It is hand pounded wrought iron done by a local man who is an old time blacksmith. He made vines, snails and leaves by hand. He is a true artist. The saying comes from the father. He would look outside every morning and say “it’s another beautiful day, oh my!” Of course we love the gate because it is a true work of art and a memorial to a man who must have been very wonderful. If anyone reading this is in Kansas City, feel free to stop by and see the gate and our garden. It is, of course, more beautiful in the summer with vines growing on it.

  6. Thanks for posting the story, Mary. It makes it much more special!

  7. thanks mary *smiles*… do you decorate the garden for christmas? it would be beautiful out there!!

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