Twin Peeks



I managed to take a few shots today, trying to avoid the cloud cover. The sun did come out once in a while, but there were still loads of clouds so no large spans of blue sky which I’m longing for! However, there is a strange ball of light on the west horizon right now… hopefully that means some bluuuuue tomorrow!

My photos seem to be losing saturation when I post to WP… is this common or am I doing something incorrectly?

~ by kcjewel on October 17, 2009.

7 Responses to “Twin Peeks”

  1. The color on these look great to me, especially the first one. I’ve not uploaded anything to WP myself so I can’t compare that.

  2. I’m loving those dark branches against the brilliant yellows and greens in your second photo.

  3. Nice peeks at the colors of the season. SOmetimes I actually prefer to shoot when it is overcast. The light is not as harsh. Of course the sky loses its interest so I try to minimize it in the image.

  4. montucky you have me thinking… do you upload to flickr and then link in WP? i’ve never given that much thought so maybe i need a flickr account?? thanks nikki it’s been difficult to get shots in with the weather and in one day all of those leaves could drop so must get the photograph when i can, blue sky or not. i love your pointers ed and yes the colors are more rich on a cloudy day, but darn i just want one or two that aren’t “peeks” haha

  5. Exactly. I upload the size I want on Flickr and then link it. It’s free for the first 200 photos I think it is, and over that there is a fee of $20 something per year. Because Flickr is a popular site I get a lot of activity from non-profit groups who want to use my photos for their publications, websites, promotions, etc. and I consider that to be a wonderful use for the photos. You can also set up your Flickr account so that access to it it is not public if you choose.

  6. I like the colors, too. I think any issue with wp occurs when the blog style forces sizing on your photo. These look good to me, though. Especially that top one!

    I use smugmug and link my photos. I also hae a blog template that lets me keep my sizing.

  7. all good information… thanks, montucky and burstmode. it’s nice to hear preferences. i had no idea… learning…

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