The Chosen

Oh what from a little bloom grows…



Just a few of the pumpkins and gourds that came home with me from the pumpkin farm yesterday. Too bad I don’t have time to give each of them the background and lighting they deserve! The one below was before I hacked it off the vine. It feels a little wrong to cut them, but the vines just get so unsightly… might as well!!


~ by kcjewel on October 5, 2009.

8 Responses to “The Chosen”

  1. They sure are pretty! Our local grocery store has stocked a large variety of squash this year and it’s such a treat to see them! Other than zucchini, our attempts at growing them didn’t work our this year.

  2. Beautiful pumpkins and squash! Love the warty one.

  3. The last one looks HUGE! Beautifully colourful :D The orange one reminds me of Halloween!

  4. It seems we share the same loves! What could be prettier this time of year?

  5. Beautiful pumpkins!
    What a diversity – probably man made.
    I have newer seen a white variety before.

  6. Lovely autumnal series of images. Really like the comp in the first especially. Well done.

  7. Wonderful. And good sizes, too. It’s crazy how big they can get. :)

  8. Jewel:

    Have you ever eaten fried squash blossoms? They are good. :D

    Handsome squash and pumpkins. Lovely colors. Nice assortment too.

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