Kansas City is known as The City of Fountains and right now they are flowing pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. These are two of the more prominent fountains… the first is the Seahorse Fountain. If I was a pro I suppose I would have made the adjustments to soften the water… but I’m not and it was COLD! *smiles*


J C Nichols Memorial Fountain



I find it fascinating that one of the “warriors” and one if the children in the sculpture are holding cattails in a manner that they appear to be weapons. There is a lot of unknown about the symbolism in the sculpture… too bad the secrets remain a mystery.


~ by kcjewel on October 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Awareness”

  1. The fountains and sculptures are beautiful! I don’t care for the pink tint to the water, but it sure does catch the attention and that is a very good thing! Excellent way to heighten awareness!

  2. it definitely catches the eye montucky. driving down the parkway… it’s even brighter pink than the pics show. we are such creatures of habit that every day driving by them we take them for granted, but when they are pink… we notice!! awareness too of all the things in life we take for granted as well.

  3. Love the tour of your trip. Like the fountains, the horses, the meadows, flowers, etc. Great job. Since I am trying to play catch up on commenting, this one is intended to bring me up to date on yur blog.Love the tour of your trip. Like the fountains

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