At the Landing


I really wished I could have suspended myself above one of these tables because I have a feeling that the floor combined with the table made a complete piece of art through the glass.

I hadn’t been in Branson, MO for 15 years and I can’t say that it was a place that I would have ever looked forward to returning to, but… a lot has changed in 15 years and it was an extremely enjoyable stay. I think I may need to go back!! One photo op that I passed about 10 times, but never had the time to stop, is haunting me. A beautiful arched stone bridge on Hwy 165 south of Old 76 Highway. Would I drive all that way just for a photograph?… Well, maybe that and a little shopping which I didn’t have time to do either.

~ by kcjewel on September 14, 2009.

5 Responses to “At the Landing”

  1. What a beautiful lodge lobby! Well, that’s what i think it is!

  2. Well, I must say you know what it takes to get yourself out of the doldrums! Nice photo. I daresay you are correct about the pattern and the table. But think I would have gotten a chair and stood over the table to get a shot of it. The things we won’t do for a photo op. Lovely fireplace too. But you didn’t state where you found this marvelous scene.

  3. I agree with you on this one! the floor combined with the table would make a complete piece of art through the glass :D
    Looks like a nice place to stay!

  4. I enjoy hotel lobbies very much. Not the sterile modern lobby that people pass through but those that invite you to sit and stay a while. Soooo…about suspending oneself….wonder who you would have to talk to…

  5. Cedar and Iona, it’s the Hilton Promenade at the Landing in Branson, MO… a very “lodge like” Hilton. Burstmode, maybe a mono pod, a remote shutter release and a steady hand would be more doable than suspending myself in the Hilton lobby!! *smiles* WildBlack, it was a very nice… definitely a place to return to. Thank goodness the antibiotic licked that sinus infection that just about got the best of me!!

    Thanks for taking a look everyone!

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