Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave


I’m thinkin’ Canon EOS 7D… time will tell. Just two days till a full moon and the weather is absolutely beautiful!

~ by kcjewel on September 2, 2009.

7 Responses to “Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave”

  1. That’s a gorgeous shot, jewel! Every bit of it is excellent!

  2. 7D…… tempting, isn’t it? Love this ethereal shot.

  3. That is so pretty. I have such a hard getting spiderwebs to look nice in color.

  4. I dunno…I think I would wait for a few reviews. It is not going to be a particularly easy camera to use especially coming from your very nice G9.

    Canon had to do something, though. Sony is coming on hard on Canon’s latest efforts have lagged it behind Nikon. The 50D would be the migration path for you but it leaves a little to be desired.

    Now, if you made the move to Nikon…

  5. Wow! What a shot! Lovely. Was there dew on the web, or is this the way it was designed? Webs are so hard to capture. Nice job.

  6. Lovely! :)
    7D sounds COOL!

  7. I’ve been waiting and waiting to capture my “perfect” click of a dewey spider web. It’s coming!!! Great capture!

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